Grid Etiquette

  • Self-launch pilots may take off whenever their launch does not interfere with glider launch or landing. 
  • If your self-launch is on the runway, it is assumed you are about to launch.
  • If your sailplane is on the grid, you must be ready when the towplane is ready.  Have someone outside your cockpit cinch your belts prior to launch.
  • You may grid/launch in the order of your signing up.  The pilot list is numbered for this purpose.
  • If you have already achieved a diamond climb, you might consider allowing some others to launch ahead of you.
  • If you have already achieved a lennie, you are encouraged to allow some others to launch ahead of you.
  • Self-interest is allowed; so do not be bashful about not yielding to others when you don't feel like you want to.

2019 Grid

1. John Good
 9. Caleb Branscome
2. Ed Bransford
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3. Mark Olinger

4. John Mittell

5. Steve Vihlen

6. Marc Johnson

7. Ron Ridenour

8. Tim Moran