Sequatchie Badge & Record Camp

March 23 - April 1, 2021

Pilot Registration List

Launch is in order of registration and deposit received, the pilot list is numbered for this purpose.

2020 camp was cancelled due to COVID-19
The highlighted pilots left their deposits on account to keep their place in line for the next camp

 1.  John Good
11. Pete Appleby
 2.  Stuart Venters12. Charles Dutch
 3.  Joe Bankoff
13. Jim Zombakis
 4.  Gary Garavaglia
14. Michael Carlson
 5.  Steve Vihlen
 6.  Jerry Mobley
 7.  Steve Bowen
 8.  Panos Kanes
 9.  John Bojack 19. 
10. Barry van Wickevoort

Waiting List
21. None at this time

BOLD = attendance confirmed

If the camp is oversubscribed, registration is in order of deposit received with preference given to pilots who will attend the entire time. Deposits are non-refundable unless pilot doesn't get into the camp due to wait list.

Launch priority given to single seat gliders in order of registration.

Flights with John Good in Duo Discus

  1. Mike Solley
 11. Aaron Mosher
  2. Theo Bountourelis
*12. Jim Zombakis
  3. Bob Davenport
*13. Matt Laseter
 *4. Joe Bankoff
 14. Steve Close
  5. Julie Julian
 15. John Kamis
 *6. Gary Garavaglia
*16. Michael Carlson
 *7. Jerry Mobley
 17. Randy Morningstar
 *8. Panos Kanes 18. Click HERE to Register
 *9. Pete Appleby 19. 
*10.Charles Dutch

*will also fly their own glider at camp

Pilots registered to fly in the Duo Discus with John Good. 
$75 registration fee. Instruction and tows additional.

Each day, pilots registered to fly with John are given the opportunity to take a flight, based on the order of this list. Once somebody has gotten a soaring flight, they don't get to go again until everybody else has had a turn.